About Us

We would like you to relax, stop searching online as you have come to the right place.

We know it all and we are happy to do it all for you. At Trip Store, you will find creative vacation designers who will help you make all the arrangements for #YourJourney. Our trips are completely based around your interests and agenda; they are one-of-a-kind experiences that are as exclusive as you are.

Our approach is different. We don’t plan any trips in advance, instead believe in customising each trip by designing an ideal itinerary for you. Whether you know precisely where you want to go or need some insight, Trip Store has you covered. We believe in creating a journey that will exceed your expectations. Our passion is to guide you to your dream destination by alleviating the stress for you.
And after all, it is suppose to be a holiday; so don’t give yourself more work to do besides simply calling the shots.



Her passion for travel revealed itself when she exited her career from becoming a law student. She works diligently, displaying her lively personality throughout. Her forte lies in coming up with insanely feasible ideas for the clients. She has a passion for travel especially if she can fit in some time for trying out different cuisines and cafes along her way. Filled with boundless energy and enthusiasm she continues to explore the world while inspiring others to do the same. She is an ambitious person with a ‘healthy’ passion for perfection.



Quirky fellow, obsessed with travel, and has travel knacks sticking out of all pockets. This one from the Hospitality background, astounds us with his knowledge on various countries - oh and bartending. He is an optimist who firmly believes in taking that extra effort for the clients. With him clients can travel safe in the knowledge that every detail of their journey has been taken care of with utter detail.



Aspiring to join the Indian Air Force, he always wanted to force the skyline and fly away and beyond. He is the one with the meticulous eye. He reflects his ideas in the form of adding great value to the clients. With over two decades of experience in the travel Industry, he has witnessed not only the evolution of consumer behaviour, but also of the industry as a whole. He believes is making #YourJourney a trip of a lifetime


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